Product Feed Specifications

What is a Product Feed?

A product feed is a data representation of your product pages on your website. Getprice requires certain data from you to be able to display your products and redirect customers to your site. Some of this data we require includes Product Name, Price, Product Page URL, Description and a few others that are set out below.

How does it work?

Once you have created a feed and have provided us with the URL indicating where it is located, Getprice can start scanning your feed. A bot reads the data in your feed and Getprice uploads and maps your products into their respective categories on the site. We rescan your feed daily to update any changes you may have made.

How do I create a Product Feed?

This usually depends on the capabilities of your shopping cart and your knowledge of it. Generally, a feed isn't hard to create but many merchants are unaware of how to go about it and need the expertise of a web designer or programmer to set one up. If you already provide a feed to other comparison sites it is possible that Getprice can use it too. It would be worthwhile checking with your Getprice Account Manager to see if your existing feed is usable before creating a new one.

If you don't have a feed set up you might want to try set it up yourself. Setting up a feed is a matter of extracting relevant data from your product database. Most shopping carts are capable of this through an 'export' function. This exports the relevant information from your database to file in a format that Getprice requires. See the required fields and formats below. If you don't think you can do it yourself you will need to contact your web developer, ecommerce provider, or your shopping cart merchant. Tell them that you need a product feed created and pass on the specifications below. Most web developers have had experience creating feeds previously and should be able to help you set one up reasonably quickly.


Most ecommerce platforms have this built into their admin systems already, for some there are modules available to add if you are not running their full solutions package:

  • If you are a web provider and would like to assist your clients by creating a Getprice feed generator and posting it here please email us at:
  • If you need some assistance in creating a feed feel free to email your Getprice Account Manager at:

What Format Does Getprice Require?

The feed can be a:

  • Tab Delimited TXT file
  • Tab Delimited CSV file
  • XML file

You will need to provide us with the location (URL) of where the feed is located so we can rescan your feed regularly. If you are unable to do this it is possible that you can email the feed to us on a regular basis.

If possible, it is better to create a dynamic feed – automatically updates when you make changes to the site. This will prevent Getprice from showing outdated information of your products

IMPORTANT: If there are any changes or updates to the feed, its location or to your site, please let us know as soon as possible as this could potentially affect the scanning of your products. You must also inform us if you change the feed structure of your product feed as this may result in your feed not being updated correctly.

Tab Delimited File Requirements

  • Plain text
  • First line of the file must be a header containing the field names used in the field (described below)
  • One product per line with no trailing tabs at the end of a line
  • Please remove all HTML tags, new line characters, and carriage returns
  • The Product URL's and Image URL's should be preceded by http:// - e.g.

Tab Delimited TXT Requirements

We will need the following fields from you in the TXT Feed (format as tab delimited TXT) If possible please can this file be produced dynamically so that products will be automatically be kept up to date:

Field Requirement
Product Name Required
MPN Highly Recommended
SKU Highly Recommended
Product ID Required-ID must be numerical only
Short Description Required
Category Name Required
Brand Required
Model Required
Image Link Required: The minimum image size is 250x250 pixels
Product URL Required
Price Required
Sale Price Required
Shipment Costs Optional
Size Optional
Age (for children's toys, clothes etc.) Optional

IMPORTANT: If there are any changes or updates to the feed, its location or to your site, please let us know as soon as possible as this could potentially affect the scanning of your products. You must also inform us if you change the feed structure of your product feed as this may result in your feed not being updated correctly.

XML Requirements

Category XML (Optional)

Field Requirement Description
Name Required This is the name of the lowest category before products are displayed on your site. If you have an upper category, we suggest you include this in the name. E.g.: TV_PLASMA where TV is the upper category and PLASMA is the lower category.
Link Required This is the url of the second XML script that will detail all the products that fall within this category. The category link must link to the product xml file which will only show products related to that category.

Product XML (Required)

Field Requirement Description
PRODUCT_NUM Required This is the product ID on your website (ID must be numerical only).
UPC Required Unique product code is an individual code for each product.
PRODUCT_NAME Required This is the name of the product. If you do not have separate values for the manufacturer and model, it is important to try and incorporate these into the product name.
DESCRIPTION Required This is the description of the product.
CATEGORY_NAME Required This is the product's category name. Choose the lowest tier category where possible (i.e action movie instead of movies).
MANUFACTURER Highly Recommended This is the name of the product manufacturer.
MODEL Highly Recommended This is the model number of the product.
PRODUCT_URL Required This is the path to the product page on your web server.
IMAGE Required This is the path to the product image on your web server. (The minimum image size is 250x250 pixels).
SHIPMENT_COST Highly Recommended

There are several ways to put your shippment information into the feed:

  • Opt.1: "$XX" (This is the delivery cost. Please note that XX / $XX / $XX.XX / XX.XX are all acceptable.) Display result on Getprice: "+ $XX Shipping"
  • Opt.2: "---"(no shipment data) or "shipping fee applied over $XX". Display result on Getprice: "+ Shipping"
  • Opt.3: "0" or "free shipping" (all in under case). Display result on Getprice: "+ Free shipping"
PRICE Required This is the normal price of the item. Please note that 19 / $19 / $19.00 / 19.00 are all acceptable.
SALE_PRICE Optional This is the price of the product when discounted. Please note that 19 / $19 / $19.00 / 19.00 are all acceptable.
CURRENCY Optional The default value is AUS and at this stage unchangeable.
MPN Optional The Manufacturer Part Number of your product.
COLOR Recommended Red, Blue, Green
FEATURE Recommended The features or attributes that describe the product. Fabric for clothes, capacity for hard drives, etc.
ID Recommended The barcode
MODEL_NUMBER Recommended The model serial number of the product.
PRODUCT_TYPE Recommended T-Shirt, Skirt, Slim Fit
QUANTITY Recommended The number of items in the offer.
SIZE Recommended 9, Small, D Cup
AVAILABILITY Recommended "out-of-stock" or "0" will indicate a product is out of stock and prevent it from being displayed on site.

Other fields that may be included for certain categories

Category Name Field Requirement Description
Books AUTHOR Recommended Author's Name
ISBN Recommended Unique ISBN code
Music ARTIST Recommended Name of band/artist
DVD RATING Recommended G, PG, R, MA15+, etc.
Clothing SIZE Recommended Size of garment e.g. S,M,L, 18DD, 32, 36, 10, etc.
AGE Recommended What age group it's for.
COLOUR Recommended What colour the garment is.
Toys AGE Recommended What age group it's for.
Jewellery CARATS Recommended Gold carats, diamond carats, etc.
Wine WINE VARIETAL Recommended Merlot, Chardonnay, etc.
VINTAGE Recommended Year of wine's vintage.
Games RATING Recommended G, PG, R, MA15+, etc.
PLATFORM Recommended Xbox, PC, Playstation etc.

The XML required by Getprice is made up of two separate files. The first represents the lowest level of categories in your website and the second represents the products in any specific category.

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