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GoPro MAX Camcorder

GoPro GoPro MAX

$829.00 - $869.00
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  • The GoPro MAX Camcorder was added to the Video Cameras category in February 2020
  • The lowest price we found for the GoPro MAX Camcorder is $829.00 from PBTech NZ
  • Other merchants who stock it are Noel Leeming
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Type Digital
Memory Type SD, MicroSD
Audio Format Stereo
Output Interfaces USB, HDMI

GoPro’s new Max 360-degree action camera is hell-bent on bringing spherical video to the masses. A new suite of on-camera processing removes the major pain-points from 360-video production, and integrates editing and reframing tools into the GoPro smartphone apps. It also bumps up the spherical resolution to 5.6K, offers flat 16:9 digital shooting lenses and will even live-stream in Full HD. Unfortunately, the limited 2D shooting modes are still a long way off competing with single lens action cameras. That said, the GoPro Max makes it easy to capture compelling and immersive reframed and 360-degree shots that are fundamentally impossible on traditional action cameras.

Reasons to buy

  • + 5.6K 360 video
  • + 360 video reframing
  • + On-camera stitching
  • + Digital stabilization
  • + Fits on existing mounts

Reasons to avoid

  • - Limited shooting modes
  • - No 360 slow-mo
  • - Low-res 2D footage
  • - Poor in low light/ underwater
4 stars
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